If you are burdened with managing multiple locations and users underone Office 365 Tenant, or are troubled with inefficiencies in managing the licenses, then Xencia’s Managed O365 tool is meant just for you. Get more out of your Office 365 investment.

Xencia’s Managed O365 (XMO) allows you to delegate the user management and license management to your localized
administrators and ease the strain on your central IT team. You can segregate and subdivide administration by multiple unit
types such as business unit, country or location. Once the units are defined, you can allot prefixed subscription licenses
from your O365 pool and assign a local administrator for the unit


See changes reflected
directly from Office 365


Store additional
metadata for users


Stay updated with changes in
Office 365 in UI or functions


Reduce operations cost by
30-40% through license optimization



Global Administrators are able to focus on priorities than addressing user requests from other locations


With accountability all locations are managing their licenses responsibly and efficiently with transparency in costing


Distribution lists updated automatically reducing regular checking and updates by Global IT.

Early adopters of Office 365 and
Azure with expertise across
multiple domains

Experience in hybrid and Azure
based solutions leveraging rich
Azure service tools

Experienced in implementing
customizations on multiple
O365 tools and integrations

Key Features

  • Track all administrator actions through activity logs
  • Distribute and allot licenses from O365 corporate pool to local admins
  • Periodic changes and license utilization can be analyzed through historical log records
  • Generate costing by cost center or locations as per allotted licenses and make locations accountable
  • Global admins can focus on priorities than on user requests from other locations
  • Each location can manage its licenses efficiently with transparency in costing
  • Distribution lists are updated automatically reducing the need for periodic updates by the global IT team
  • All locations get their own AD that’s synchronized with O365 allowing their licenses to be managed
  • Manage license requests in one place with approvals
  • Full migration, deployment, admin and end-user support, and management services

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