Employee Experience Transformation
In today’s digital world, employees need to be connected every time, anywhere and on any device

They need to have access to enterprise applications and documents on the go. Businesses that offer digital solutions to their employees to enable them to work from anywhere have highly satisfied and productive employees. Employees need business workflow solutions and access to emails with unlimited storage and access from any device to manage their day-to-day routine activities better. Businesses too benefit from the subscription and pay-per use based models to reduce CAPEX and OPEX. Moreover, the maintenance and support challenges are reduced in the cloud and online model.

Xencia’s Cloud and SharePoint experts ensure that your business’ collaboration and solution needs for routine tasks are sufficiently addressed through our Modern Digital Workplace services. With our O365 and SharePoint deployment, migration, integration, customization, automation and support services, we ensure a zero disruption implementation.

XMO (Xencia Managed O365) Tool

Xencia’s Managed O365 (XMO) allows you to delegate the user management and license management to your localized administrators and ease the strain on your central IT team. You can segregate and subdivide administration by multiple unit types such as business unit, country or location. Once the units are defined, you can allot prefixed subscription licenses from your O365 pool and assign a local administrator for the unit.


Reduced customized
solution deployment
cost by 20-30%


Improved speed to deploy
solutions by 30-40%


Reduced operations cost by
30-40% through license optimization

Experience In multiple
business domains

Skilled team of dedicated
IT professionals

Created by business people
for business people

Designed with the needs
of typical businesses


  • Migration from legacy or other cloud-based messaging solutions to O365
  • Design, set-up and support O365 solutions based on client needs
  • O365 management and administration
  • SharePoint deployment, migration, integration, maintenance and support services
  • XMO (Xencia Managed O365) tool for O365 administration, user and license management
  • BWA Solution Accelerator for customizable and easy to integrate business workflow apps

BWA (Business Workflow Automation) Solution Accelerators

Xencia’s BWA (Business Workflow Automation) Solution Accelerators help roll-out multiple workflow applications that your employees need for their routine tasks by making use of the powerful SharePoint platform under O365. We help free your resources so you can do what you love knowing that you’re in good hands.


Front end applications to adopt to MS best practices and roadmap support.


Directly hosted on Customer Office 365 Tenant


Easily and independently customizable
and upgradable


Pluggable Workflow configuration modules for
application level control


SharePoint new releases to be automatically available at the application level.

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