Cloud technology has been widely adopted by enterprises worldwide and with rapid momentum, but cloud security continues to be a major concern. Enterprises are apprehensive about digital technology significantly increasing enterprise vulnerabilities and multiple high-visibility, mission-critical cloud deployments have added to their worries

Security teams thus face significant challenges in keeping pace with DevOps and the continuous delivery of applications. Meanwhile traditional security strategies cannot keep pace with the rate of change of cloud security capabilities. What enterprises need is high levels of security supported by specific measures to prevent attacks and ensure deployments are safe. This includes good deployment practices, and rigorous enforcement of governance policy


Robust remediation of
security threats


Multi-cloud security providing consistent security controls,
across all clouds


Unified view of end-user identity
with strong controls to track and
manage access privileges


Risk-based approach to
vulnerability management

Multi-Factor Authentication
and role-based access control

Support for building cloud and
hosting security postures

Accelerated detection,
response, and remediation

When you partner with Xencia, our security experts work with your teams to evaluate and determine the best solution for your cloud security needs. Our Cloud Security Services have helped organizations achieve transformational speed and agility by breaking barriers between development and operation with DevOps services. We embed security as part of the cloud adoption process without disturbing day-to-day business systems. Our Cloud Security Services provide you with a complete security lifecycle. From assessing your cloud controls, to creating and implementing architectures with built-in security, to integrating validation across your development cycle, we make sure your workloads are secured throughout the DevOps process. Our focus is always on crafting a comprehensive approach that combines a holistic security strategy with the best technologies, alongside governance, risk, and compliance to stay ahead
of cyber threats


  • Security and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Network isolation with VNet Subnetting
  • Segregation of DMZ and Private Network Zones using NSG Ports and IP Whitelisting
  • IPsec tunnelling for secure access of cloud assets
  • Web Application Firewall configurations and SSL configuration
  • Implementation of RBAC, MFA and Just-in time access
  • Encryption of data in transit and at rest
  • Anti-virus and anti-malware, security updates/patches for operating systems
  • Secure key management
  • Implementing network and security monitors or recommendations
  • Activity and audit logging

Key Features

  • Baseline patching and updates
  • Baseline Security Controls
  • Proven track record of implementing robust security measures
  • Includes OS-level hardening, patching and AV, to numerous levels of encryption, monitoring and alerting
  • Managed security model aimed at preventing, detecting, and responding to threats in real time

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