Cloud Strategy And Advisory

Our cloud advisory services help you build and execute a cloud strategy that is aligned with your enterprise IT transformation plan. With a deep understanding of your IT environment, constraints and risks inherent in a transformational journey, we can help design a cloud roadmap tailored to your needs. Our cloud migration experts are skilled in SaaS, PaaS and IaaS and can help you understand your options and build a cloud migration roadmap that is based on best practices, industry leading cloud technology options and lowest cost of migration and management.

Xencia WAM Accelerator



  • Environment Discovery
  • Asset Inventory & Software Licenses
  • Application & Server Dependency Mapping
  • Usage Reports


  • 4Rs (Re-host, Refactor, Re-architect,
    Rebuild) Assessment
  • Security, Performance, Availability
    and BC/DR Assessment
  • Utilization History


  • Migration Approach, Timelines, Risks and
  • Recommended Tools
  • TCO: Estimated Monthly Run Costs


  • Cloud Environment Setup
  • Data Migration
  • Pilot Testing
  • Cut Over Plan
  • Migrate Delta
  • Go Live


  • Enable Cloud Tools to Manage Costs
  • Monitor Assets for Availability & Usage
  • Start-stop Non-prod Workloads
  • RI for Steady State

Proven experience
with 150+applications
migrated to cloud

70% faster speed of migration ;
30% lower cost of migration

Zero Defect
migration with
100% success

Committed Milestone based delivery
with no budget or time overruns


  • Application and infrastructure assessment
  • Cloud readiness assessment
  • Cloud business case development
  • Cloud ROI analysis
  • Cloud adoption strategy and roadmap
  • Ideal candidate identification for migration
  • Ideal destination cloud identification
  • Cloud foundational services
  • Multi-cloud apps migration to cloud
  • Flexible pricing model

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